Camper Vans, Which model suits me best?

By 25 June, 2020 caravaning
furgoneta camperizada

It is sure that finding the best van to camperize is a very difficult mission if not impossible. Usually when we start looking for a vehicle with these characteristics we want it all. Well equipped, small for car parks, economical, low consumption, with a shower, hot water, that can stand up… It is convenient to be realistic with our real needs to find the right model.

What use will we give to the van?

The first and most important question is how we will use it. Are we going to use it often or rather only for the summer period? This is very important because some expenses can be really high. If the answer is that we are going to use it often, the same is worth the investment in a camper van.

Do you combine the use of the van with sports?

Si la respuesta es sí. La furgoneta camper es nuestra gran aliada para contactar con la naturaleza. Si practicas algún deporte que conlleve transportar material voluminoso (surf, ciclismo…) debes contar con el espacio adecuado para poder llevar todo contigo. También deberías tomar en cuenta como posibilidad disponer de una ducha al acabar la actividad y si podemos añadirle calefacción y agua caliente mucho mejor.

¿Cuantas personas estimas que viajaréis en la furgoneta? ¿Familia, amigos?

Usually the campers are equipped for 2 and 4 people on average. If you opt for a smaller van, one option is to transform the roof to a lifting one to expand the seats up to 4. In the case of high-volume campers, not all of them have 4 sleeping places. It will have to be taken into account, either to mount a bunk in the back or to enable a system in the living room to sleep.

If you opt for a small camper, this can become a headache. Lifting roof or not? If there are two of you and you don’t mind not standing up inside the camper you can do without it. If on the contrary you are more than two, it is almost a mandatory installation. It is important to know that if we opt for a small camper, not all van models have the possibility of installing the roof and we will have to be very careful to verify it before making a decision.

Traveling with a pet.

Obviously it is not the same as traveling with a San Bernardo than with a Chihuahua, so if yours is traveling with your pet you will have to take this into account when purchasing a model.

Are you going on long trips?

This is clear. Longer duration of the trip, the camper will need better equipment and therefore more space you will need in the short and long term. If you want a shower or toilet you will have to opt for large campers discarding the small and medium models.

Fixed or portable chemical toilet?

Obviously, if you want a fixed WC, you will have to decide on high-volume vans.

Our recommendation.

Your budget will have a lot to do and this marks everything. And in that sense the possibilities are defined by it. If we opt for a second-hand van we will have to take into account its state, mileage, year of registration, breakdowns, maintenance … One thing that we have to take absolutely into account to finish is the issue of approvals for all installations and assemblies. It is important to keep this in mind to avoid problems later. For this you can trust a company like EuroGaza Emergencias and its new and next line dedicated to camper vans, so that you always have the security that your choice will have all the guarantees and quality required in this type of transformation.

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