Type B Road Ambulance according to European regulations designed and equipped for transport, basic treatment and follow-up monitoring of patients, according to the normative UNE-EN 1798:2007 A2:2015.
The design and configuration of this ambulance gives priority to the intervention of the emergency sanitary team, integrated into the prehospital care model. The materials and equipment used increase the operational capacity of emergency personnel.


Interior materials comply with the specifications of the standard EN 13501-1-2007 A1:2009 gathered of its obligation for emergency vehicles in European regulation EN 1789:2007 A2:2014
Lined thermo-shaped interior , projected with high density polyurethane , leaves us available weight for the medical equipment of the ambulance.



The colour temperature is adjusted to achieve the same characteristics as the examination lights in hospitals with a value between 3,800 and 4,300 Kelvin.
The interior lighting modify natural colours as little as possible in compliance with the Regulation EN 1798:2007 A2:2015
Visual and sound Warning System, with new designs of maximum quality and performance of its components, according to current regulation of the R-65 Certification.  
These certificates guarantee the maximum visibility within the work space as well as an excellent system of warnings in circulation that guarantees the security of the transfer.



The Electrical Installation of the ambulance complies with IEC 60364-7-721:2007 and specifically the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) specific to the European Standard EN 1789:2007 A2:2015 with R10 certification in compliance with the regulations UN/ECE as well as R65
certification in compliance with the same regulation
The battery is positioned to allow the removal of its secure locking device.
Built-in and externally mounted connector
allows charge up and operation of:

  • One and more batteries
  • Sanitary products
  • A patient compartment heater and an engine preheater, if required for installation.

Electrical system control panel located in the driving cabin and touch screen at the patient cabin, through CAN-BUS system.

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