All TGS variants have a deposit of
180 liter dual fuel that provides a
great driving range, in addition to the iconic
Snorkel-type elevated air intake.
• Standard features related to the engine,
• Cyclone type air filter with raised air intake.
• Fuel pump.
• 80D26 battery (12 V).
• Fuel sediment filter with warning device
• Brake control valve (LSPV).
• Altitude compensator.
• Difference – front 4.3000 2P
• Power steering.
• Differential – rear 4,300 4P.
• Stabilizer bar.
• Engine coolant.
• Transfer case BF1B 2-4 selector.
• Integral engine oil cooler.
• Gearbox protection.
• Protection for the underbody of the motor.
• Methanol windshield washer fluid.
• Fuel filter.

The ULT freezer is specially designed and manufactured
for long-term storage of various
biological products, including viruses, germs, red blood cells,
leukocytes and skin. Applications can be
find in blood banks, hospitals, health services
epidemic prevention and research institutes,
laboratories in chemical and electronic plants, institutes
biological engineering and marine fishing companies.
Microprocessor controlled system designed to
controlled range of -40 C to -86 C for cabinet space
with an increment of 1.
• Configurable high and low temperature alarms.
• Automatic filter cleaning alarm and alarm
sensor error.
• Height adjustable storage shelf.
• Optional temperature recorder, racks of
storage and storage box.

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