Type C ambulance according to European regulations designed and equipped for the transport, advanced treatment and monitoring of patients, according to the UNE-EN 1798: 2007 + A2: 2015 regulations.
The iNTRAXX brackets installed in your EUROGAZA FIXA ambulances are designed to securely secure a variety of equipment and supplies for emergency service. The brackets feature a quick-release design that allows caregivers to easily move equipment and adapt the environment within an ambulance on the go. One of the keys to this system is that these anchors do not work on the rail like the rest of the fastening system, but rather that you can anchor and un-anchor with maximum ease and guarantee of fastening equipment to equipment without having to move the entire line, doing this maneuver faster and safer for vehicle users as well as healthcare personnel.


Regarding faster delivery time, SafePaks and bags are easy to remove and clean, making restocking efficient and easy. While the reduction in downtime means that damaged or out-of-service components can be quickly removed and replaced without having to take your vehicle out of service or into rotation.


This new model has improved inventory control, has better visibility of all supplies, its inventory control is fast and accurate, reducing duplication, waste and expired items.


This new model achieves with less space needed to store all your EMS equipment, you get the flexibility to use smaller and less expensive vehicles. Plus you have higher utilization, faster delivery times mean your vehicle is more available for income generating activities. iNTRAXX promotes better inventory management and workflows, reducing your overall operating expenses and cost of ownership.
The CANbus system is microprocessor controlled electronic modules, with a communication protocol to reduce wiring, fuses and relays. This system integrates the management, supervision and control of the vehicle’s electrical equipment in a single control unit.
One of its main advantages is its touch control panel that, with a simple touch, enables the various required functions to be activated.
Electrical installation through CANBus system, consisting of the following equipment, or 8 ” touch screen for control in the vehicle’s driving cabin.

Control panel installed in the central area of ​​the roof of the cab with easy access for the driver, which is automatically activated when the vehicle is started. This module, through the “Master” button, enables the second control screen located in the assistance area.

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