R&D EuroGaza Emergencias

Continuously evolving

Eurogaza is continuously evolving, during last year we have introduced changes in our electrical designs, providing more reliable and technologically advanced equipment and installations

Can-bus technology

We have added to our designs the Can-bus technology. The use of this technology reduces incidents, provides more reliability and improves our final product.

Touch control

The touch screen, with easy access for the driver, allows controlling the entire operating system of the sanitary cell, warning with icons, lights and acoustic signals of any incident in the circuit.

Better usability (UI / UX)

We control the batteries charge state, the electrical consumption of the operating unit, the interior lights, the emergency signalling and the air conditioning of the vehicle. All the information is provided through an easily readable and accessible system.

Lighting systems

We integrate lighting systems on roofs and ABS spoilers that improve the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the vehicle and extend the visibility of the perimeter lighting systems in a conventional vehicle.

Interior design

The company is committed to new and more ergonomic interiors, with better use of interior space and new designs. We advance with the purpose of designing new vehicles that match market demands, experimenting with new materials in furniture.